The Development Procedure of a Acehnese Forgiveness Scale

Hafnidar Hafnidar(1Mail), Nursan Junita(2),
(1) Malikussaleh University, Indonesia
(2) Malikussaleh University, Indonesia

Mail Corresponding Author
Copyright (c) 2019 Hafnidar Hafnidar, Nursan Junita



The purpose of the present study was to develop a valid and reliable instrument to measure forgiveness of Aceh conflict victims. The construct of scale based on the forgiveness concept of Acehnese that known as Islamic culture. The Acehnese Forgiveness Scale (AFS) is a multi-dimensional tool assessing forgiveness of self, forgiveness of others, and forgiveness of situation. The test validity and reliability of Acehnese forgiveness scale on 101 conflict victims (30 males and 71 females), age 18 - 58 years old, 100% moeslim. Participants rate their responses on a 4-point scale, ranging from absolutely false to absolutely true. The construct of final scale were defined as: (1) forgiveness of self, (2) forgiveness of others, and (3) forgiveness of situations with total 28 items. This paper describes a four-stage procedure to develop the scale, data supporting the construct and first version of the instrument. 


forgiveness, forgiveness scale, conflict victims, Acehnese


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Copyright (c) 2019 Hafnidar Hafnidar, Nursan Junita

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